New Frontiers

Crimdle Journal Entry #239

Or, how not to have a BBQ...

Blessed is the party granted a choice. Upon completion of our quest to find the all-powerful wizard in the middle of a grand tower in the middle of a grand, strange city (Yes, that was our quest), we were given information as to the nature of his predicament. The Lord of Law, trapped within the Plane of Chaos, is bound to his land. The land is bound by several enormous chains each grounded to a large asteroid. Protected by both powerful creatures of Chaos and legendary arcane magic, the chains are not easily broken. Fortunately, the rocks are nearly 1,000 feet apart, allowing us to pick and choose the order in which we can attack them. After a bit of scouting, we were able to ascertain the guardian of each huge, thirty to fifty foot, boulder.
1. An adult red dragon
2. 3 Death Slaads
3. A Balor and 2 Glabrezues
4. An aspect of Tiamat.
We also determined that each creature’s boulder provided them certain magical protections, regeneration, and other benefits, including resistance to Law touched weapons. Each creature is bound to its boulder and its vicinity and thus cannot easily return to its native plane. We determined the “easiest”, relatively speaking, target was the dragon. As we departed, a holy being of pure Law granted us each an optional enchantment upon our weapon of choice, granting it extra Law based damage.
Our attack didn’t start well. The dragon’s sheer size and speed caused us quite a problem in the beginning as we approached it. Its boulder protected it from our attacks, and it ended up being a much harder fight than we anticipated. The blessings of Ceres guided us as we eventually wore the beast down, ourselves taking heavy damage. Once slain, the chains themselves were easier to break and we completed the first part of our larger goal. The Land of Law shook as the first Chaos Chain was broken. We returned to the Lord of Law’s tower for rest and review, in addition to discussing our next target. It would prove our greatest challenge yet.



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