New Frontiers

Crimdle Journal Entry #240

Or... death becomes them...

Thanks to the blessings of Ceres we lived to fight another day. After a full rest we set out for our next target. There was much discussion concerning fighting the Slaads or the Balor. Ceres’ wisdom guided us toward the the Slaads. Some of the party had already previously fought Slaads, so we knew tactically mostly what to do. The Balor, a mighty demon, would probably kill us all, so the choice was eventually obvious. Our fighters took point and massive damage was exchanged. I banished one of them to a pocket dimension since we were, unknown to me at the time, on their native plane. After a long battle the two lay slain, and soon thereafter we ganged up on the last one upon its return from my banishment. We regrouped and rested once again, planning our next move. Aspect of Tiamat or the Balor.. both seemed insurmountable.




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