New Frontiers

Journey to the Center of the Island

Or, How I talked my way through life...

Crimdle Journal Entry #238:
For the glory of Ceres, The Crimson Order had the wisdom to honor me with a mission of great importance. A great beast from the sea, part Turtle and part Dragon, has been infected with the touch of pure Chaos and is decimating the coast. A party of adventurers has traveled to the realm of Chaos to seek the aid of a powerful Lord of Law who has been trapped within that plane for millennia. I am to seek the party out and aid them in their quest. I pray I find them in time.
As fate would have it, a Spelljammer ship happened to be traveling near our destination and provided my companion and I safe passage. We were dropped off somewhere in the random plan of Chaos in close proximity to our would-be compatriots. Their trust was slow but once they learned the nature of our divine aid we bonded as a party.
Traveling the realm of Chaos isn’t like the prime material plane. Floating rocks and monsters of immense power traveled this realm, spreading chaos and destruction to trespassers. Having no actual ground to walk upon, our sheer force of will allowed us to move about the plane as if we were in 3-dimensional space. I’m glad I had paid some attention in my cosmology coursework during my acolyte days in the church. But there was little else for me to do since friends were scarce and devotion was paramount. I didn’t mind though. I was provided free room and board, supplies, and education. It kept me off the streets and gave me purpose – a higher calling if you will. Thus what once seemed like trivial coursework a decade ago was vital to my survival now.
Our party journeyed through the realm for a time whereupon we found our destination. A great tower jutted out of an island of land mass that floated in the middle of this chaos realm. There, we would find the Lord of Law. Unfortunately, like most things in life worth doing, the path was neither clear nor easy.
The entire island was surrounded by thousands of large boulders that, although not connected in any obvious way, roughly formed a sphere around the island. Skeletal torsos decorated the rocks, warning trespassers of their doom should they dare cross the boundary. I cautiously approached these boulders and noticed a faint glow emanating from one of them. I moved back and the glow faded. Some sort of protection magic warded the entire area. The fighter of the party moved towards the rocks to get a better look and was bewitched by their magic, causing him to go berserk for a time. Not wanting to risk the party to such wards, I convinced them that our best course of action would be to grab a few of the rocks we had seen elsewhere in the realm and fling them into this barrier, slingshot style. With some rope and a strong arm, and the grace of Ceres, we succeeded in breaching a hole large enough for us to enter the island area unharmed. That’s when we saw the Devils.
In order to get to the tower, located in the center of the isle, we had to traverse what appeared to be sections of the island. A barren wasteland lay around the outer rim of the land. A middle section covered with streams and trees and waterfalls decorated the middle rim section. The inner section was dominated by buildings and structures. In its center lay the tower of the Lord of Law.
ZrDJ4Wk_1_.jpgThe outer layer seemed to be filled with hundreds upon hundreds of bone devils rocking out to a concert being performed by a pit fiend. Each time one of the bone devils died, they came back from the ground and continued their mosh-pit antics. The music was hard and fast, but within its harsh tones were hints of clarity. We deduced that the timing of the music coincided with the raising of the devils and that the pit fiend was the Master of Ceremony. A massively scaled fight was going on, and we had to walk right through it. A fight seemed eminent. I clenched my holy symbol of Ceres and remembered a prayer by Saint Joshua: “The only winning move is not to play”.
We discussed and then implemented a daring plan. I cast Sanctuary on myself and my companions such that if they stayed near me, monsters would be unable to easily attack us. A smart casting of Stone Wall by one of my compatriots helped keep the devils at bay and we traversed the terrain unscathed. Upon entering the area of the Pit Fiend, we talked our way through except for one particular member of the party that the fiend seemed to take particular interest in; however, its words were not enough to sway him and we escaped unharmed.
As we entered the lush green forested area of the middle rim, we were greeted by a group of centaurs, their weapons at the ready. We truthfully explained our reason for trespassing on their turf and our purpose in helping the Lord of Law. They cautiously eased their weapons and the tension eased enough for us to walk past without issue.
The inner rim was filled with strange geometric creatures known as Modrons. They let us pass peacefully and we walked to the tower. I was unable to pass the doorway due to alignment restrictions in place and so a few of our party who were able to enter did so, and the Lord of Law, a mighty wizard, came out to greet us.



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