New Frontiers

Journey to the Tower of Law

A fresh perspective courtesy of Eli

Once we escaped the wretchedly lawful Sphinx and its smelly cavern, we were graciously welcomed back to town by our Khalif friend the Efreet. We traded him the fire gems as agreed and he in turn provided us with two carts of the fiery adamantine he peddles. He also provided a small, stone business card and pointed us in the direction of Lou, an elderly Tiefling woman who would have the answers we seek.

Lou indeed had answers for us, and as fortune would have it she directed our search to the City of Brass, home of the Efreets including our new friend. She gave us some advice on traveling to and about this fiery land, as well as the name of our destination: the 9th Bastion. There we would find those of the order of law which opposes chaos and to which the wizard we seek was allied to.

We portaled our way to the elemental plane of fire and met a chatty dwarf (aren’t they all) who needed a drink (of course) and then opened up and gave us directions about town. We left the tavern and proceeded across the city to meet with Khalif, who welcomed us warmly. We told him of our needs and he promised to guide us to a smith, provide us with Griffin mounts, and pointed us to a scholar who could tell us more about the 9th Bastion. This scholar gave us a history of this Citadel of the paladins of law and told us our Khalif friend would have a caravan heading that way we could join.

The Paladins at the 9th Bastion were happy to see us, because apparently they have been trying and failing to rescue this wizard for a long, long, looong time. It would be sad, if it wasn’t pathetic (I mean come on, hundreds of years and you haven’t leveled up enough to beat some slaads?) They gave us some last minute guidance, and sent us toward the Slaad Breeding Stone and the Tower of Law where the wizard is held.



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