New Frontiers

Shipwrecks and Dragonturtles

*So I boarded the ship to start my search for answers and a day or two out to sea the ship was attacked and capsized by a giant dragon turtle (yes they exist.) The survivors , myself among them, were rescued by a group of Sea Elves who were searching for adventurers to help them with determining what was tainting the sea life in the area. We agreed to help and it’s been a wild ride. Living in the city, I had heard about things like Segaguin, Sea Elves, and Dragon Turtles, but to see and interact with them has been exciting and scary.

The group of people I have joined are a good group of people and we have been able to determine that the Segaguin had captured dragonturtle eggs and somehow introduced the to the touch of Chaos. We have been able to stop the and have save 9 of 10 eggs. All but one of the dragons have been taken care of and we have agreed to take that one down.*



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