New Frontiers

zol perspective 10

we all jumped through a portal and out we arrived on a vast plains with volcanic rocks and the metal ogre with metal chains… I am the first to act, I cast my shatter spell as the others come through the portal behind me i inform them of our foes magical resistances as we spread out to try to find his weak spots.

i go backward thinking this must be some sort of super anti magic field the ogre is surrounded with while eli try to sneak behind him. but as i back up i come face to face with a rather large Minotaur so realizing whatever field i was under was down so i cast dimension door to give me some space and to transform into my giant ape form.

meanwhile while the fighters work on our ogre pest, once i transform into my ape form i charge in to smack my new Minotaur friend only to be stunned that beside him was an invisible beholder… never seen one until now and he wasn’t there to great me with candy… he points his anti magic eye right at me and i am instantly turned back into my human form. while his Minotaur friend goes in to swipe me so i run back to see if his ray has a limited range.

i finally find the end of this mighty creatures range and transform back into ape form long enough to hurl a huge bolder severely damaging my Minotaur friend and he retreats back.

im not much use after that because i have no way of doing damage way out from this creature… time to close the gap i hope and sneak in some damage… i run south hoping to drag this creatures anti magic ray with me, the fighters have dealt a mighty blow as they took out the ogre but now they have been peppered by the beholder

seeing his minions go down the beholder trys to escape with a spell and eli is able to damage him a enough to disrupt his casting

now we have access to a huge pile of adamantine and magic items the friends we made during this little adventure



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