New Frontiers

Zol perspective 11

Here we are on this bare volcanic landscape, enemies dead at our feet. Where to go now? Eli remembers from some geography book where we are, and he knows there is a nice city in the far distance so we all gather our gear to head that way.

I caste fabricate a couple of times to harvest the bones and iron hide of the gorgons we fought turning them into a suit of full plate. It will be nice to sell such a fine piece of craftmanship.

On the way to our destination we come across a sea side town who’s ships are not being used… we go to investigate and find out the ships that go out do not come back. We find a man willing to offer up a ship if someone gets to the bottom of this mystery so we book a trip with the only ship captain brave enough to try his luck… at a me at 500 gold per passenger its a real bargain.

We set out with smooth sailing and as soon as we loose sight of the shore the wind dies down. Nervous about all this I stay by the edge loosing my lunch.

A couple of hours later the ship jerks up and everyone falls to the ground… we are under attack but by what?

Acting quickly I summon a water elemental to try to protect the ship but it is not enough… the ship starts taking ing water… the crew and our cleric try their best to pump out the water coming in

Meanwhile water people start to board our ship and fight ensues. But too late. Just as we turn the tide of the battle on the deck the ship starts to sink…. I turn into a huge shark and prepare to battle in water and find out our attackers is other huge sharks…

As the ship sinks a group of sea elves on dolphins come to our rescue the rest of the group start tose breath water while our captian had some magic to walk on the water and the sea elves explain the nature of the attacker and wish for us to investigate



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