New Frontiers

zol perspective 11

so we agreed to try and find some sailors sword while we explore the cause of all these attacks on the ships. the sea elves inform us where to go and seek out the sailors troubles.

while we are down here we come across one of the ship wrecks, inside there are large sea people and giant sharks there to greet us. fortunately I still have plenty of spells and we even catch the sea people with surprise as they was playing some kind of game to pass the time. with our bad luck we are unable to bring them down in 1 fell swoop and one of them blows a sea shell and I know the fight has just got worse. so i quickly change into my shark form and begin biting away. other sharks enter the fray, and spurred on by the blood in the water they go after our front line fighter and our cleric struggles to keep him up and in the fight but through our struggle we managed to prevail.

we search this ship looking for that sword but to no evail, it has been plundered but through me casting detect magic we have found some gems, and a mysterious stoppered vase…. no time now to identify it so we continue on.



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