New Frontiers

Zol perspective 12

For the small time away from the party i started my first business enterprise. with my new spells like my create stone wall spell and my lifetime of skills i bought a plot of land and built my first building for business. A local tavern , trade post and gambling hall I call “the wicked warrior”… if i manage to make this business model work I will expand but for now I need to look for suitable workers and a good manager to handle the day to day activities. Enough of what I been doing though and my heroic exploits.

I rejoined the party they are now on a quest. we are now looking for information leading to a location in a different plane Which has led them into an encounter with a nasty effret that almost started a fight. I cast a wall spell to divide the effret underlings from attacking in mass. I call this tactic divide and conquer. Well our group collectively calmed the cranky beast and he explained that he only killed a local tradesman because he failed to provide the full letter of the deal which included some special fire rubies the effret needed for a spell. He told us he could aid us in exchange of recovering the rubies. Our new cleric raised the merchant from the dead for a hefty price and we went off to find those rubies from a band of fire lizards



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