Caelynn Cauldwell




Caelynn can barely remember her natural parents, they died when she was ten. What she does remember is her mother’s sweet voice when she sang in the kitchen while she cooked the evening meal and her father teaching her to ride. After their deaths, she was sent to a distant relative who was cruel and would beat her for the slightest mistake. After an especially brutal beating when she was twelve, she ran away and found herself alone and on the streets. She was taken in by a “family” of street kids led by Ember, a Fire Genasi who taught her how to survive the streets and also the language of Primordial. She spent the next three years surviving by working odd jobs when she could, stealing when she had to, and learning how to fight.

One day she was working at one of the taverns running errands and whatever else the tavern keeper needed, when she heard a commotion in an alley. When she went to go see the cause, she found a middle aged woman being mugged. Without thinking, she tried to help the woman. She was able to distract the attackers, but was knocked unconscious. The last the she heard was the shout for guards and the running feet of the attackers. She woke to find herself in the most comfortable bed she had ever been in and the woman sitting in a chair by the bed. When she noticed Caelynn awake, she approached the bed and said “You’re finally awake. I was beginning to worry.” Cae sat up quickly and a wave of dizziness threatened to overcome her. “Easy now” said the woman “You took quite a bump to the head.” Caelynn took a deep breath to steady herself, and started to get out of bed then she noticed that she was in a night shirt and her clothes were nowhere to be seen. She looked at the woman and said “I’m glad you’re okay. If I could get me clothes on, I’ll leave and get out of your way.” The woman chuckled. “Nonsense, my husband went into town to try and find your family, and he would be very upset indeed if he could not thank you properly for coming to my aid. Your clothes are in the closet if you would like to get dressed. Just come downstairs when you are ready. Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Cathran Cauldwell.” “My name is Caelynn, and I hope your husband doesn’t look to long. He won’t find anyone. I don’t really have a family.”
Caelynn put her clothes on and did her best to make herself presentable. She was headed down the stairs when she heard voices. As she got closer, she heard a familiar voice say “Look you said you knew where Cae is, I don’t see her. If you’re looking for some… entertainment, I know some girls that are up for that. However, Caelynn is not one of them, and I’ll be very…cross if you have done anything to her.” Hearing the tone of Ember’s voice, Cae quickened her pace and, as a wave of dizziness hit her, she stumbled down the last few stairs causing everyone to rush into the hall. Cae steadied herself saying “I’m fine.” When Ember saw her she turned around to the tall man, named James, standing next to Cathran and shouted “What the bloody hell happened to her!?” Taking a deep breath Cae said “Take it down a notch, I’m fine.” The Man spoke up and said “Why don’t we take this into the library. The young lady looks a little pale,” with an air of authority that even Ember listened to. After everyone was settled, we filled Ember in on what happened. Over the next couple of months, the Cauldwell’s and I became friends and one day they asked me if I would like to move in and become part of the family. So, on my 16th birthday I was officially adopted by them.

In the last seven years, Caelynn has grown to love the Cauldwell’s as a mother and father, but she has not forgotten the unusual deaths of her birth parents. James recognized her talent for fighting and taught her how to use her natural agility to her advantage and had her train with the Eldritch Knights under his command so that her inherent magic could enhance her skills as a fighter. With these new skills and the backing and support of her family, she is ready to seek answers to the mysteries of her past

Caelynn Cauldwell

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