Felberg son of Steinberg

Barbarian Outcast of Icewind Dale


250 pounds


Felberg, son of Steinberg, had a tough life growing up in the harsh frozen wastelands of Icewind Dale. Not because of the many dangers and hardships of the area, he belonged to the Tribe of the Elk and was trained from birth to survive such an environment. His life was difficult due to the scorn that the rest of his tribe heaped upon his embarrassingly small father.

Steinberg, son of Mort Goldberg, had not always counted himself a barbarian. in his youth he had traveled to the dale from the city of Calimport to the south. Though he was of average size for that city, he was a veritable dwarf before the giants of the Tribe of the Elk who found him on the tundra. They rescued him from the belly of a yeti, and in return he asked to join the tribe. Somehow, he managed to impress them all with his courage and tenacity, supposedly wrestling each member of the tribe one by one…and being manhandled roughly by each until they grew weary or bored with thrashing him. Once every member had a turn this Calimport man was bloody and broken but still determined to join the tribe, so they let him on one condition: he had to convince a woman of the tribe to marry him.

The moment the tribesmen returned to camp with their unusual companion, Steinberg laid eyes on his future wife Cathil, daughter of Edith of the line of legendary Wulfgar himself. He courted her for many moons without success, but eventually proved his courage and the strength of his passion. He stood outside her tent one night in the heart of the winter storms, nude but for a loincloth and a lyre, and sang her songs of love from the minstrels of Calimport, all while his teeth chattered and his skin turned slowly blue. Cathil listened as his voice first grew weak, then intensified as he tapped some inner strength. By the morning’s light Cathil stepped from her tent to find Steinberg’s head sticking from a mound of snow, a smile on his blue lips. It took him 3 weeks to get over the pneumonia, but Cathil was his and he had become a member of the tribe.

Although he was now considered a true barbarian of the tribe, his diminutive stature made life difficult for him. The laws of the tribe relied heavily on contests of strength to settle disputes, leaving Steinberg with little recourse when other warriors claimed his kills for their own (along with the spoils). Although we was a very crafty tradesman and often made great profits off his furs and wares in Ten Towns, the attrition from these thefts kept him from ever possessing much wealth.

Into this life came Felberg, with the strength of heart of his father and the physique of his mother’s line of legendary warriors. From a young age Felberg excelled at all manners of competition among the tribe, yet always he felt the shame of his father’s position. He would get into fights with the other boys over their fathers’ insults and actions, but while he nearly always won these encounters it never stopped them from taking anything they wanted from his family.

Finally as he approached manhood his father began searching for the perfect weapon to gift him. He sent messages far abroad to old contacts, and as the day approached in summer that would signal Felberg’s 16th birthday a caravan arrived from Calimport. The great sword was beautiful, its decorated handle designed for one or two hands and the entire length etched with designs reminiscent of snowflakes. When the other tribesmen saw Steinberg with it, one of the largest immediately stepped forward to claim it for his own. Determined, Steinberg refused to part with the weapon and prepared to fight the other man. However this was Adolf, son of Mattock, the strongest in the tribe with a punch that could knock out a hill giant. Steinberg valiantly managed to withstand the first blow, even struck Adolf several times, but to little avail and the sword was lost.

Upon hearing the news of this latest insult to his father Felberg was filled with a righteous fury. He decided then and there that these laws were flawed, unjust, even downright stupid and he would no longer honor them. In fact, he would rely on no laws written by man or God to control him anymore. His own morality would be his compass, and he would use that compass to navigate the world far from this close minded group of barbarians. He told his father and mother of his plans, and though they wept to lose him they were also encouraged by the strength of his resolve. They wished him luck, and urged him to send word to them when he could of his exploits.

With that, Felberg crept through the encampment to the tent of Adolf. He tried to stealthily sneak in, but made a terrible racket instead bumping into Adolf himself at one point as he lay in his blankets. Fortunately the giant brute was dead asleep after drinking many toasts to his fine new sword, and Felberg stole back the blade meant for him and vanished into the night (vowing as he did to get better at that whole sneaking skill).

Felberg son of Steinberg

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