Havlarn Nimblefoot

Small halfling swaddled in warm furs.


Small halfling with a large silver scimitar in a fine leather sheathe on his back, beside a well cared for bow and quiver of hunting arrows. There is a finely designed leather sack tied to his belt, marked with dwarvish runes in silver.


Havlarn grew up on the docks of Waterdeep. He learned everything he could about sailing, and was a frequent helper for anything the sailors needed when on shore. He dreamed of the day when he could set sail himself, and was encouraged in this dream by his parents.

So the day arrived, he joined the crew of the Merry Maid, and his nimbleness and willingness to do anything made a him a hit with the crew. The ship set sail that fateful afternoon and Havlarn eagerly waved to his parents on the dock. His dream had come true, he was on his way to a life of adventure and seeing new things. Unfortunately, ships move. A lot. All the time. This didn’t sit well with Havlarn’s insides, and he spent the new two weeks feeding the fishes while trying to perform his duties. The crew got a lot of enjoyment from his frequent rush to the nearest side of the ship, as he tried desperately not to throw himself in as he vomited.

Eventually he did grow somewhat accustomed to life aboard ship. Able to perform his duties, but his enthusiasm for life aboard ship was gone. He learned everything he could about sailing from anything who would teach him, but as his six month commitment came up, he departed with no ill will from the Captain or crew. This didn’t help him a whole lot, as he was now far from Waterdeep, but at least his stomach no longer threatened to turn itself inside out, and his knees no longer felt weak as kittens.

Still dreaming of seeing the world, he joined up as a caravan guard, and wound up travelling from Baldur’s Gate to Cormyr. Years passed, adventures were had, lessons and new skills were learned. Instead of the life of a sailor, he learned the lands of the Sword Coast and beyond. The life of a travelling ranger suited Havlarn much better than the life of a sailor.

After six years had past, Havlarn decided he needed to return to Waterdeep to visit his family. He learned the fate of the Merry Maid, how they were attacked by pirates out of Luskan and the entire crew were lost. Rich from his travels, he booked passage from Baldur’s Gate to journey back to Waterdeep. The passage was less tortuous this time, age and experience allowed him to bear the waves better. Arriving in Waterdeep he went to visit his family, only to learn his parents were gone, having died just the previous summer when a fire started in their bakery, and both were killed in their sleep. His uncle, Benjy, informed him of meeting a group of adventurers who called themselves Force Grey, and how they were trying to save the north. He directed him to find the giant Harshnag, and that is where he met a strange cat woman, who called herself Baxa. Eventually Harshnag guided them to another group of adventurers, and he hopes he’ll be able to help them achieve their goals.

Havlarn Nimblefoot

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