New Frontiers

Zol perspective 11

Here we are on this bare volcanic landscape, enemies dead at our feet. Where to go now? Eli remembers from some geography book where we are, and he knows there is a nice city in the far distance so we all gather our gear to head that way.

I caste fabricate a couple of times to harvest the bones and iron hide of the gorgons we fought turning them into a suit of full plate. It will be nice to sell such a fine piece of craftmanship.

On the way to our destination we come across a sea side town who’s ships are not being used… we go to investigate and find out the ships that go out do not come back. We find a man willing to offer up a ship if someone gets to the bottom of this mystery so we book a trip with the only ship captain brave enough to try his luck… at a me at 500 gold per passenger its a real bargain.

We set out with smooth sailing and as soon as we loose sight of the shore the wind dies down. Nervous about all this I stay by the edge loosing my lunch.

A couple of hours later the ship jerks up and everyone falls to the ground… we are under attack but by what?

Acting quickly I summon a water elemental to try to protect the ship but it is not enough… the ship starts taking ing water… the crew and our cleric try their best to pump out the water coming in

Meanwhile water people start to board our ship and fight ensues. But too late. Just as we turn the tide of the battle on the deck the ship starts to sink…. I turn into a huge shark and prepare to battle in water and find out our attackers is other huge sharks…

As the ship sinks a group of sea elves on dolphins come to our rescue the rest of the group start tose breath water while our captian had some magic to walk on the water and the sea elves explain the nature of the attacker and wish for us to investigate

zol perspective 10

we all jumped through a portal and out we arrived on a vast plains with volcanic rocks and the metal ogre with metal chains… I am the first to act, I cast my shatter spell as the others come through the portal behind me i inform them of our foes magical resistances as we spread out to try to find his weak spots.

i go backward thinking this must be some sort of super anti magic field the ogre is surrounded with while eli try to sneak behind him. but as i back up i come face to face with a rather large Minotaur so realizing whatever field i was under was down so i cast dimension door to give me some space and to transform into my giant ape form.

meanwhile while the fighters work on our ogre pest, once i transform into my ape form i charge in to smack my new Minotaur friend only to be stunned that beside him was an invisible beholder… never seen one until now and he wasn’t there to great me with candy… he points his anti magic eye right at me and i am instantly turned back into my human form. while his Minotaur friend goes in to swipe me so i run back to see if his ray has a limited range.

i finally find the end of this mighty creatures range and transform back into ape form long enough to hurl a huge bolder severely damaging my Minotaur friend and he retreats back.

im not much use after that because i have no way of doing damage way out from this creature… time to close the gap i hope and sneak in some damage… i run south hoping to drag this creatures anti magic ray with me, the fighters have dealt a mighty blow as they took out the ogre but now they have been peppered by the beholder

seeing his minions go down the beholder trys to escape with a spell and eli is able to damage him a enough to disrupt his casting

now we have access to a huge pile of adamantine and magic items the friends we made during this little adventure

zol perspective 9

ok so the bad guy sent out a hostage and baited our hook into combat… we fight some fire dwarves known as azures and their golem then i was given a ruby gemstone that in the future can be used to negotiate with these azure creatures… turns out they are quite reasonable

we discover this hostage is a cleric… is that lucky or what? almost as if the gods are looking out for us… praise them… seems like this cleric has a bone to pick with her former captors.

so we continue exploring the castle and find a tied up fire elemental creature that turned out to aid us by killing the last of some undead dog things that attacked us… they have a really nasty bite it seems. this elemental seems be a child of something as we had a dream earlier and it seemed thankful to be free

we continue on and then we find more of those azure things at work… we tell them to leave and they oblige. next we find a chamber guarded by another death knight thingy… must be something important, eli tries a powerful spell but its quickly dispelled as the rest of us try to survive the death knights fire attack… thanks mr ring of fire protection most of us are still fine but the cleric goes down… eli uses a banishment spell to get the death knight out of the way while we deal with his underlings then we find out what he was guarding… some statue with a trapped spirit that keeps the lava at bay.

just then we eli and myself feel like some ritual has been completed but we still have to deal with the death knight and destroy a castle…. we situate ourselves so that we can surround the death knight and eli’s banishment spell runs out… battle ensues with us the victor but we are now worn down so we do a short rest…

we then look for the source of this ritual ready for any danger, hoping we will prevail any trap we walk into and we find a teleportation circle that is quickly fading away… do we go in? of course we do…. but eli and our tank go back to the statue to destroy it and with it the castle then dimension door back to us to face with us what is ahead

Peace offering, over my dead body

After casual conversation with a dwarf turned into a most wonderful kidnapping, I find myself in the company of unique adventurers. With their help I was able to break free of my captors, and bindings. Much to my relief, and chagrin , I was taken prisoner as a peace offering and not by my beloved family and their payed crazed clerics.

The battle both tested my faith, and my abilities as a healer. Yet, with Mavros’s help we succeeded. The battle was long and not without incident as many of the dwarf like creatures attacked us with the aid of a bronze golem, and a mage. The adventurers were not ones to back down in a fight, taking many blows that left some bloodied and unconscious. Together we were able to slay the fire dwarf like creatures, and I was able to banish the bronze golem, and aid my rescuers.

When the mage disappeared, and the golem and rest of the foes gone, the ranger of the group a drow, wished to go after it. I myself after taking a beating wished nothing more than to retrieve my shield as my own spirit guardians had disappeared. I had no weapon to fight with on top of that, and it was making me uneasy. I also knew that I had potions to use for the good of myself and the group, as I was running low on the amount of healing spells I could use. Not to mention the Golem would be returning any moment. With the majority of the group in agreement on retrieving my things the ranger went his own way. Unable to let him go alone knowing what the mage/ sorcerer was able to do, I followed him. Luckily after not finding him we were able to convince the ranger to retrieve my items.

Finally reunited with my shield, i … well I actually hugged it. Dont get me wrong, it is an inanimate object but it represented my freedom from this hell hole, and confound it I wanted to bash heads in. … Mavros forgive me.

Upon returning to where the others waited the golem had reappeared. I knowing full well, and based on the previous battle, would need the assistance of Mavros to keep the adventurers alive. I summoned my guardian of Faith and readied my self for what may come. Which in hindsight is rather funny, as taking fire breath to the face rendered me unconscious. I awoke to find their wizard giving me one of my health potions. I was able to get up and heal the dragon born a bit. Unfortunalty, and may Mavros forgive me, i did not see that the ranger was unconscious behind me, but the wizard did. Taking another of my healing potions we were able to revive him. Then i summoned the grace that Mavros bestows, and healed the dragon born, as well as the Ranger, of their wounds.

I am not sure if it was luck, for the next blow from the golem sent the dragon born to the ground, unconscious. As the other adventurers bravely fought on, i ran to the fallen hero, and cast a healing spell on him, praying to Mavros to bring him back to waking. Luckily Dwin, i believe him to be called, slew the golem and we were in no more danger from it. We did learn from the remaining very injured, dwarf like creature that they were hired to make devices of metal for their boss, and they have more just like the golem we faced.

Yet, I believe Mavros was trying to show me , not everything ends nicely, as the wretched oger appeared before us. He offered no more battles for their surrender, and he complemented me on what a good slave i would have been. Yes he actually complimented me! To which I informed him how wrong he was, and where to shove his inflated ego. I am by no means, a prize, peace offering, or slave you over bearing, son of a pig nerfherder! …

Ahem, so as I may have a slight grudge at this point, and know that the adventurers will need as much healing as they can get. I decide to join them. However, I must not become to comfortable with them, as I am pursued and labeled a heretic. If they should find out, will they still wish for me to be apart of their little band? Can they aid me in clearing my name?

Time will tell, I suppose….

zol perspective 8

while deciding whether or not to go into the castle our thoughts are interrupted as we see the draw bridge go up and the path we are standing on slowly be eaten away by lava…. we all make a break for the drawbridge… all of us make except eli who we saved with a rope and my zombies… good thing eli had that ring the elementals gave us.

Inside our rogue decides to scout ahead and i stay back keeping an eye on him through my bat, we discover inside the central courtyard area 2 gnomes on podiums, they clearly notice our invisible gnome trying to sneak into other parts of this castle… immediately i start casting my magic hut spell as I smell trouble and thought it would be best if the group had a place to barricade.

the rest of the group goes out to talk to these gnomes and ask for an audience with the owner of this castle the gnomes reluctantly agree and an image of this large headed metalic ogre appears who offers us money to leave… if it was just me I would take the money because i was low on spells at this point, but the group told him no and the ogre vision vanished and more of those shield guarding things poured out of the castle hallways and battle ensued.

dang, they didnt talk long enough so on to plan B… I join the fray by turning into a giant ape… this is the first time of me taking this shape, as predicted they unleash thier fireballs and many fellow party members go down but my ape shape turns out to be a great choice under the circumstances and we was able to turn the tide.

we cautiously begin to search this castle and quickly realize this is some kind of religious place to elementals… which begs the question… why is this guy working with elemental gods and what is their ultimate goal? sure hope its not world domination because this would interfere with my own world domination plans.

we decide to rest next to a water shrine that healed our wounds some but after 2 sips turned potentially deadly

zol perspective 7

finally we make it to the island and after a long climb we arrive exhausted and almost out of spells. As we rise up out of the water and our gills disappear we look around and see a wasteland of boulders, sulfur smells, and steam rising up from the sea…. apparently this a volcanic island.

I ask the rest of the party if getting some sleep would be best before approaching the castle we see in the distance and they agree but off the path so not to let our enemy know of our approach so I ask the ranger to scout around and find us such a place, then I set up my magical tent.

While we are resting I couldnt fit all my zombies inside so I had to of them stand guard with orders to wake us if anything approached but when we awoke we notice the zombies had burnt to a crisp… apparently this place spews forth great heat on regular occasion.

we get our spells back and heal our wounds back on the trail… (curious these rocks on the path provide the only cool ground to walk on) in the distance we see giant elementals and we are not sure if they are friendly or guards but we try to sneak past them without luck… the elementals spot us and move in our direction… but to our surprise they are curious at us more than anything… we explain to them we have some beef with the owner of this castle and they explain they are the maintainers of this path they offer to give us some information and some magic rings to protect us from the heat in exchange for a magic item and a promise to destroy some magic item protecting the castle from I presume the volcanic activity… I think if we find and destroy this magical device then we will need to run as I don’t have my volcano proof undies on today.

part of the information they tell us is that rock people protect the entrance to this place… so stupidly we walk past the rocks instead of smashing them as we go and we awaken one of the rock people who in turn awakens other rock people… fighting ensues between the shatter spells and sounds of metal on stone, whoever owns this place knows we are here…

zols perspective 6

we stand in awe as we look across the vast expanse of the underground sea… my mind wonders to things like how is this possible? are we dreaming? how can such a huge sea be but a stones throw away from a major city? it must be another plane of existence or a portal somewhere else… i have read about such things but this is my first experience seeing such things first hand.
in this vast cavern we see a light coming from what must be the roof of this place… no doubt a source of luminescent fungus, the sand is strange to us as well as i pick up a few samples for study…. then in the far distance we see lightning… I wonder to myself is this place so huge as to have its own weather system?… who knows at this point?
So I suggest to our beaten tired party that we should not go back through the portal as we foolishly let one of the guards escape and that they may send guards to this portal to keep us out, or even close the portal permanently. so i suggest using my magical tent up on a wider part of the beach close enough to keep an eye on the portal but far enough away we could run if need be… just as we set up the tent we see some ratfolk dragging something close to the portal… i tell my undead I animated from the last fight to attack, our ranger takes a few of them out with arrows then just as my undead get their to tear into the ratfolk they start getting destroyed by something…. SEA ELVES?!?!… is there no end to elven variety? also we find the unconscious body of a cleric… perhaps he can tell us more of this castle?
the sea elves seeing us help them destroy the rat men shared some info with us… the lightning in the sky is a terrible dragon that patrols this land and attacks anyone on the surface of the sea and that if we reach the castle in the distance its best to go underwater… so we tell the elves we are too tired to fight and need to replenish spells and heal wounds. So we go with my hut plan against the recommendation of the elves. and in the middle of our rest the dragon flys by thankfully not noticing us… i nearly crap my pants…. perhaps once we deal with the ruler of that castle we can focus our attentions on the giant worm. I have a plan ;)
so we start our journey, thankfully eli has spent time studying ways to traverse water and uses a spell… on the way to the castle the sea elves warned us near to the castle is guarded and sure enough they was true to their word… we faced 6 more underwater goblin critters and 3 giant sharks that nearly tore us to pieces… thankfully my spells killed more of them before they got the upper hand…. then I animated their dead but its been a long day and one big fights so my vote is to find someplace on the surface to rest… assuming the castle is not far off

zols perspective 5


after figuring out this captured creature was no drow but instead a dark fey we got as much info as we could from him and took him to the jail to wait for the inquisitors to come. surely this would be enough evidence to change who the scapegoat for this scheme was and give eli his antidote.

The captain of the guard being a little pissed at us decided to give us a hard time but we finally convinced him to send a runner to the inquisitors but me being the paranoid type decided to go directly to the murdered dwarf lords brother myself while my other companions stayed to watch over our valuable captive… I decided to fly as this is the fastest form of transport at my disposal and i figure time is of the essence because can we trust anyone here in town? seems like magic can turn even the most loyal ally into a killer. I must trust only in myself

I fly as fast as i can over rooftops to avoid traffic and as i round the last roof i see our dwarfs body bleeding and unconscious in the street… I take a few seconds to look around then i check for a pulse…. nothing… and the last thing i need is to be accused of murder so i change into my alter ego disguise and reduce the dwarf to half his size so i can carry him and hurry off him off to a healer just in case i am not too late to save him… Eli’s life depends upon it as well as the dwarf… on the way to a healer I see some of my party Dwin and Hydook they are moving my way with a sense of purpose… not willing to expose my disguise in case things go south I simply ask for help and if either are healers. I hand over the body of the dwarf and slip away to a dark alley and change back to myself and wait for them near the prison.

success, they are able to stop the dwarfs bleeding and hoof it back to the prison. while we wait for the inquisitors eli uses some magic to try to get a confession out of the fey for conspiring with our main villian, some metal ogre with magic chains. while i have my bat standing watch outside for more potential assassins. Eli’s magic works but the prisoner is a bit evasive with his answers.

Finally the inquisitors come in the door and Dwin is obviously acquitted of the crime but to make the dwarf nation happy we need to find the main villain and bring him to justice… in the mean time the inquisitors use magic to turn our fey captive into stone and place him in a magic bag for safe keeping. The inquisitors also inform us Eli was never in danger… not sure how i feel about that since we did an exceedingly dangerous task for no pay…. if they was not so powerful i would take my pay from them forcefully.

now that we have that behind us I asked the dwarf if he would be willing to exchange my contract for a magical item… explaining the dangers we have faced and that i dont expect to live long… in typical dwarf fashion he said no… if I do live long enough to see my goal of unending life he will regret that contract with no limits. ;)

well I tell them time is limited and that we need our ranger friend to track the fresh blood i saw…. he lost the trail but through shear luck we discover the trail leads down a drain and down the sewer… the trail runs cold as we see it lead us to a pool… eli falls in the water and sees something but he isn’t sure what… I cast light into the water and we see a small tunnel and its the only place the assassin can go so we follow… first with our half dragon and our rope tied to him so we could pull him back in case things go south and then the rest of us.

EUREKA! we found the underground sea! and are promptly greeted by some half shark goblin creatures and fight ensues… one bastard got away but with the help of my bat we know exactly where he is going… to some island castle in the far distance

Interrogation of Raven

After your encounter in the warehouse and capture the fey. You find he is not Drow but a Shadow Fey. The fair man resembles an elf, but something in his cloying smile and hooded eyes hints at sharpened teeth and dark intents. Through arcane knowledge you find this information:

Called scáthsidhe (pronounced SCAH-shee) by
other fey, or simply shadow fey by mortals, these
dark faeries are counted among the Unseelie, though
they resent it.
Shadow fey build their cities and villages in the forests
of the Plane of Shadow. They enjoy homes with
sharp shadows or constantly flickering lights, conditions
most other creatures find disconcerting or irksome.
Though most shadow fey live in communities,
some lead solitary lives for reasons unknown to mortals.

The Shadow Fey Rake introduces him self as simply as Raven. He states he was sent by the Duke of Alabaster to assist a ally of the dukes. He says only name he was give was Scriven and in scáthsidhe means the Eye that walks. He states he only the “man” only once . He states this person looks like large Metallic Ogre with over sized head with multiple chains around its neck with bright gems which seem to glow. He is surrounded by half dozen or so foul partially decomposition hounds that are his “pets”.
He was told to assist in the delay of the adventuring party that has been plaguing him for past many weeks as he was finishing and shipping constructs to the Isle of Karn’lothra. He does not know who is taking ownership of the small army of constructs.

With some arcane help , he stated that he heard the name of ship as the Lymric. Also under duress he stats his only wish is to leave this wretched city and go back to his family. He mentions he heard that Scriven is a powerful dark mage that plays with necrotic and gearforged arcanes. He tells you that it was Scriven that made the smelly gnome do the murder with dark powers he has never seen.

zols perspective 4


so we awoke the next day, shaken really by noise of guards… this instantly brings me flashbacks of my past… constantly on the run with my beloved elana and I panic thinking it might be best to make a break because surely they are after me for some reason. So i gather up my gear only to realize the guards are after the foolish dwin… he is being accused of murder of the dwarf who hired us…. while the guards are busy trying to knock dwins door down we see dwin comeing from eli’s room. why? and why does dwin have eli’s wand?

ahhh I get it, its eli that’s being taken away and not dwin… not sure what his angle is but it may have something to do with an escape plan and him being a wizard able to use magic to get past the guards… unfortunately the guards are too well prepared using some magical maniacal designed to keep people from casting spells…. clearly they think our group is capable of escaping prisons…. they would be right,

not having any time to discuss plans i decide to employ an old tactic i learned from elana to cause a distraction and then break my old pal eli out of the slammer… I have no time to coordinate with the rest of the group as eli’s spell he uses would be running out soon. so i change my appearance via a spell and start fires to uninhabited buildings as i figure more murders might make the situation worse for us…. then wait for the alarm to be sounded and for the guards to rush toward the fires to put them out…i then impersonate the captain of the guard ordering all the rest of the guards to fight the blaze and convince them the rest of town is in danger, leaving me the only person left with the keys to eli’s cell… i find out the keys work on elis cell door but not the cuffs so as i am about to use shatter spell like we did on the dwarf dwin speaks up and says he could pick the locks and does so… success, eli is now free and can make a run for it… problem is eli doesnt want to be on the run and decides to stay and face the people bringing charges… i wish him the best of luck and dwin and myself leave.

so the fires are put out and the guards plus inquisitors go inside the tower… one of them i recognize as a great adventurer named merit who’s exploits are known far and wide… i think he slayed a dragon, but i am not sure. apparently they have a conversation with eli stating that the dwarf was a dwarven lord of high importance and that someone must pay for the murder… so they gave him an incurable poison that will kill him in 72 hours unless we find the true killer… guess they don’t care if its an innocent person that dies just as long as it appeases the dwarven kingdom. I will try to help keep my old pal eli find this killer and thus get the antidote… or perhaps we will need to steal it, but lets try to find this killer first before things get even uglier.

so we ask dwin if he did it… and dwin has fuzzy memories that maybe he did in fact kill the dwarf but wasnt sure how or why… dwin also has fresh blood… my suspicion is that dwin perhaps has been infected with lycanthropy by one of the wererats as murder doesnt seem dwin’s style… but let the investigation begin

we all go back to the scene where a distraught dwarven brother is mad at dwin… but we talk some reason into him because clearly dwin had no motive to kill this dwarf… we suspect we pissed off someone powerful… perhaps the owner of dwins ring? and wished to frame dwin with this murder… at the scene we discover markings on the door and all the signs point to the fact that dwin did do the murder but clearly this is a result of some kind of magic, or possession… to bring this evidence to light we go the the powerful priest in town and ask for his help… he confirms that dwins memories do infact collaborate this story but a section of dwins memories are erased… memories of an old wear house close to where i started some fires… we as a group go to investigate

we go in straight with full force… we find another shield guardian, some ratfolk, and a DROW? I have read stories about these dark elves but never seen one… amazing, anyway through spells and sword we are able to route our unsuspecting enemy and now we have a prisoner to question…. I am sure the inquisitors will want their hands on this drow and for that hopefully will give eli his antidote


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