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    Adventurers, The town you been going out of is Savoign. Its fairly large cities and last major civilization before going into the Waste to North West of it. [[File:412933 | class=media-item-align-center | Savoign.jpg]]

  • Timber the Tower Falls

    The party says good bye to the Ghost/Wizard after defeating his failed attempt to meld a golem and Demon.Moments after he dissipates the Tower starts destroying it self after hundreds of year being held and protected by arcane magic. All members make out …

  • zols perspective 6

    we stand in awe as we look across the vast expanse of the underground sea... my mind wonders to things like how is this possible? are we dreaming? how can such a huge sea be but a stones throw away from a major city? it must be another plane of …

  • zol perspective 7

    finally we make it to the island and after a long climb we arrive exhausted and almost out of spells. As we rise up out of the water and our gills disappear we look around and see a wasteland of boulders, sulfur smells, and steam rising up from the sea …

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    h2. Welcome to Midgard The age of heroes is dead, and the bridge to glory is broken— Bifrost fell long ago. The world is lost in an age of war, of dark wilderness and lost empires sunk beneath the waves. Only magic and the warmth of hope keeps …

  • Main Page

    h3. Midgard Player wiki! This is wiki Main Page. for details of Midgard [[New Player Character Generation | New Player Character Generation]] [[Major Gods of the Seven Cities | Gods of the Seven Cities]] [[Midgard Optional Rules Used | Midgard …

  • Players Guide to Seven Cities of Septime

    Adventurers Here is the players guide on the area your from in Midgard. Please look through select where your from and appropriate feats/abilities. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mw4mf59juk4fc5/PG_Seven_Cities_R3_%286716662%29.pdf?dl=0

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