New Frontiers

Havlarn's Musings

All those undead, can I just say ewww? And that undead beholder, that was just major yuck. What is it lately, all of our enemies have been undead or demonic, they aren’t much fun to fight.

At least the beholder wasn’t angry will killed his smelly brother. And he did give us a few helpful hints about what we’re facing. More undead, there’s a surprise. And drow, Abhaya will probably be happy to meet some of his long, long, long lost kinfolk. Well, probably not, who am I kidding?

So we made it to the Dwarven hold, hall, whatever you call the place. Of course there are guards, a lot of them. I don’t know what they were, but they weren’t too hard to kill, so we should be okay……YIKES, FELBERG!!!!!

Oh my, what are we going to do now? Felberg was taken by the messed up spider things. Wonder if it’s too late to set off on my own one night while I’m on guard duty? Assuming we survive this place, which is seeming less likely now that Felberg is gone. Darn that Gavin leaving like that, I’m sure he could have snapped his fingers and brought Felberg back safe and sound. What are we going to do?

Kalel Silverwind Entry#1

After being attacked by a giant boarding ship. Me and my compatriots were bound and gagged. Upon our apparent rescue we met up with a small group of adventures.

Crimdle Journal Entry #240
Or... death becomes them...
Thanks to the blessings of Ceres we lived to fight another day. After a full rest we set out for our next target. There was much discussion concerning fighting the Slaads or the Balor. Ceres’ wisdom guided us toward the the Slaads. Some of the party had already previously fought Slaads, so we knew tactically mostly what to do. The Balor, a mighty demon, would probably kill us all, so the choice was eventually obvious. Our fighters took point and massive damage was exchanged. I banished one of them to a pocket dimension since we were, unknown to me at the time, on their native plane. After a long battle the two lay slain, and soon thereafter we ganged up on the last one upon its return from my banishment. We regrouped and rested once again, planning our next move. Aspect of Tiamat or the Balor.. both seemed insurmountable.


Crimdle Journal Entry #239
Or, how not to have a BBQ...

Blessed is the party granted a choice. Upon completion of our quest to find the all-powerful wizard in the middle of a grand tower in the middle of a grand, strange city (Yes, that was our quest), we were given information as to the nature of his predicament. The Lord of Law, trapped within the Plane of Chaos, is bound to his land. The land is bound by several enormous chains each grounded to a large asteroid. Protected by both powerful creatures of Chaos and legendary arcane magic, the chains are not easily broken. Fortunately, the rocks are nearly 1,000 feet apart, allowing us to pick and choose the order in which we can attack them. After a bit of scouting, we were able to ascertain the guardian of each huge, thirty to fifty foot, boulder.
1. An adult red dragon
2. 3 Death Slaads
3. A Balor and 2 Glabrezues
4. An aspect of Tiamat.
We also determined that each creature’s boulder provided them certain magical protections, regeneration, and other benefits, including resistance to Law touched weapons. Each creature is bound to its boulder and its vicinity and thus cannot easily return to its native plane. We determined the “easiest”, relatively speaking, target was the dragon. As we departed, a holy being of pure Law granted us each an optional enchantment upon our weapon of choice, granting it extra Law based damage.
Our attack didn’t start well. The dragon’s sheer size and speed caused us quite a problem in the beginning as we approached it. Its boulder protected it from our attacks, and it ended up being a much harder fight than we anticipated. The blessings of Ceres guided us as we eventually wore the beast down, ourselves taking heavy damage. Once slain, the chains themselves were easier to break and we completed the first part of our larger goal. The Land of Law shook as the first Chaos Chain was broken. We returned to the Lord of Law’s tower for rest and review, in addition to discussing our next target. It would prove our greatest challenge yet.

Journey to the Center of the Island
Or, How I talked my way through life...

Crimdle Journal Entry #238:
For the glory of Ceres, The Crimson Order had the wisdom to honor me with a mission of great importance. A great beast from the sea, part Turtle and part Dragon, has been infected with the touch of pure Chaos and is decimating the coast. A party of adventurers has traveled to the realm of Chaos to seek the aid of a powerful Lord of Law who has been trapped within that plane for millennia. I am to seek the party out and aid them in their quest. I pray I find them in time.
As fate would have it, a Spelljammer ship happened to be traveling near our destination and provided my companion and I safe passage. We were dropped off somewhere in the random plan of Chaos in close proximity to our would-be compatriots. Their trust was slow but once they learned the nature of our divine aid we bonded as a party.
Traveling the realm of Chaos isn’t like the prime material plane. Floating rocks and monsters of immense power traveled this realm, spreading chaos and destruction to trespassers. Having no actual ground to walk upon, our sheer force of will allowed us to move about the plane as if we were in 3-dimensional space. I’m glad I had paid some attention in my cosmology coursework during my acolyte days in the church. But there was little else for me to do since friends were scarce and devotion was paramount. I didn’t mind though. I was provided free room and board, supplies, and education. It kept me off the streets and gave me purpose – a higher calling if you will. Thus what once seemed like trivial coursework a decade ago was vital to my survival now.
Our party journeyed through the realm for a time whereupon we found our destination. A great tower jutted out of an island of land mass that floated in the middle of this chaos realm. There, we would find the Lord of Law. Unfortunately, like most things in life worth doing, the path was neither clear nor easy.
The entire island was surrounded by thousands of large boulders that, although not connected in any obvious way, roughly formed a sphere around the island. Skeletal torsos decorated the rocks, warning trespassers of their doom should they dare cross the boundary. I cautiously approached these boulders and noticed a faint glow emanating from one of them. I moved back and the glow faded. Some sort of protection magic warded the entire area. The fighter of the party moved towards the rocks to get a better look and was bewitched by their magic, causing him to go berserk for a time. Not wanting to risk the party to such wards, I convinced them that our best course of action would be to grab a few of the rocks we had seen elsewhere in the realm and fling them into this barrier, slingshot style. With some rope and a strong arm, and the grace of Ceres, we succeeded in breaching a hole large enough for us to enter the island area unharmed. That’s when we saw the Devils.
In order to get to the tower, located in the center of the isle, we had to traverse what appeared to be sections of the island. A barren wasteland lay around the outer rim of the land. A middle section covered with streams and trees and waterfalls decorated the middle rim section. The inner section was dominated by buildings and structures. In its center lay the tower of the Lord of Law.
ZrDJ4Wk_1_.jpgThe outer layer seemed to be filled with hundreds upon hundreds of bone devils rocking out to a concert being performed by a pit fiend. Each time one of the bone devils died, they came back from the ground and continued their mosh-pit antics. The music was hard and fast, but within its harsh tones were hints of clarity. We deduced that the timing of the music coincided with the raising of the devils and that the pit fiend was the Master of Ceremony. A massively scaled fight was going on, and we had to walk right through it. A fight seemed eminent. I clenched my holy symbol of Ceres and remembered a prayer by Saint Joshua: “The only winning move is not to play”.
We discussed and then implemented a daring plan. I cast Sanctuary on myself and my companions such that if they stayed near me, monsters would be unable to easily attack us. A smart casting of Stone Wall by one of my compatriots helped keep the devils at bay and we traversed the terrain unscathed. Upon entering the area of the Pit Fiend, we talked our way through except for one particular member of the party that the fiend seemed to take particular interest in; however, its words were not enough to sway him and we escaped unharmed.
As we entered the lush green forested area of the middle rim, we were greeted by a group of centaurs, their weapons at the ready. We truthfully explained our reason for trespassing on their turf and our purpose in helping the Lord of Law. They cautiously eased their weapons and the tension eased enough for us to walk past without issue.
The inner rim was filled with strange geometric creatures known as Modrons. They let us pass peacefully and we walked to the tower. I was unable to pass the doorway due to alignment restrictions in place and so a few of our party who were able to enter did so, and the Lord of Law, a mighty wizard, came out to greet us.

Journey to the Tower of Law
A fresh perspective courtesy of Eli

Once we escaped the wretchedly lawful Sphinx and its smelly cavern, we were graciously welcomed back to town by our Khalif friend the Efreet. We traded him the fire gems as agreed and he in turn provided us with two carts of the fiery adamantine he peddles. He also provided a small, stone business card and pointed us in the direction of Lou, an elderly Tiefling woman who would have the answers we seek.

Lou indeed had answers for us, and as fortune would have it she directed our search to the City of Brass, home of the Efreets including our new friend. She gave us some advice on traveling to and about this fiery land, as well as the name of our destination: the 9th Bastion. There we would find those of the order of law which opposes chaos and to which the wizard we seek was allied to.

We portaled our way to the elemental plane of fire and met a chatty dwarf (aren’t they all) who needed a drink (of course) and then opened up and gave us directions about town. We left the tavern and proceeded across the city to meet with Khalif, who welcomed us warmly. We told him of our needs and he promised to guide us to a smith, provide us with Griffin mounts, and pointed us to a scholar who could tell us more about the 9th Bastion. This scholar gave us a history of this Citadel of the paladins of law and told us our Khalif friend would have a caravan heading that way we could join.

The Paladins at the 9th Bastion were happy to see us, because apparently they have been trying and failing to rescue this wizard for a long, long, looong time. It would be sad, if it wasn’t pathetic (I mean come on, hundreds of years and you haven’t leveled up enough to beat some slaads?) They gave us some last minute guidance, and sent us toward the Slaad Breeding Stone and the Tower of Law where the wizard is held.

Zol perspective 12

For the small time away from the party i started my first business enterprise. with my new spells like my create stone wall spell and my lifetime of skills i bought a plot of land and built my first building for business. A local tavern , trade post and gambling hall I call “the wicked warrior”… if i manage to make this business model work I will expand but for now I need to look for suitable workers and a good manager to handle the day to day activities. Enough of what I been doing though and my heroic exploits.

I rejoined the party they are now on a quest. we are now looking for information leading to a location in a different plane Which has led them into an encounter with a nasty effret that almost started a fight. I cast a wall spell to divide the effret underlings from attacking in mass. I call this tactic divide and conquer. Well our group collectively calmed the cranky beast and he explained that he only killed a local tradesman because he failed to provide the full letter of the deal which included some special fire rubies the effret needed for a spell. He told us he could aid us in exchange of recovering the rubies. Our new cleric raised the merchant from the dead for a hefty price and we went off to find those rubies from a band of fire lizards

Shipwrecks and Dragonturtles

*So I boarded the ship to start my search for answers and a day or two out to sea the ship was attacked and capsized by a giant dragon turtle (yes they exist.) The survivors , myself among them, were rescued by a group of Sea Elves who were searching for adventurers to help them with determining what was tainting the sea life in the area. We agreed to help and it’s been a wild ride. Living in the city, I had heard about things like Segaguin, Sea Elves, and Dragon Turtles, but to see and interact with them has been exciting and scary.

The group of people I have joined are a good group of people and we have been able to determine that the Segaguin had captured dragonturtle eggs and somehow introduced the to the touch of Chaos. We have been able to stop the and have save 9 of 10 eggs. All but one of the dragons have been taken care of and we have agreed to take that one down.*

temporary cant play

sorry guys just to let you know whats going on with me… i have family issues, holidays, and the fact i will soon be traveling out of the country. so i will try to squeeze in 1 more game then i wont be able to play till next year… then next year i am getting married so i might have to take another leave of absence from the game.

i don’t want to quit the group but if you cant wait for my return or cant handle the number of missed games i got to skip then i understand.
zol perspective 11

so we agreed to try and find some sailors sword while we explore the cause of all these attacks on the ships. the sea elves inform us where to go and seek out the sailors troubles.

while we are down here we come across one of the ship wrecks, inside there are large sea people and giant sharks there to greet us. fortunately I still have plenty of spells and we even catch the sea people with surprise as they was playing some kind of game to pass the time. with our bad luck we are unable to bring them down in 1 fell swoop and one of them blows a sea shell and I know the fight has just got worse. so i quickly change into my shark form and begin biting away. other sharks enter the fray, and spurred on by the blood in the water they go after our front line fighter and our cleric struggles to keep him up and in the fight but through our struggle we managed to prevail.

we search this ship looking for that sword but to no evail, it has been plundered but through me casting detect magic we have found some gems, and a mysterious stoppered vase…. no time now to identify it so we continue on.


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