New Frontiers

Peace offering, over my dead body

After casual conversation with a dwarf turned into a most wonderful kidnapping, I find myself in the company of unique adventurers. With their help I was able to break free of my captors, and bindings. Much to my relief, and chagrin , I was taken prisoner as a peace offering and not by my beloved family and their payed crazed clerics.

The battle both tested my faith, and my abilities as a healer. Yet, with Mavros’s help we succeeded. The battle was long and not without incident as many of the dwarf like creatures attacked us with the aid of a bronze golem, and a mage. The adventurers were not ones to back down in a fight, taking many blows that left some bloodied and unconscious. Together we were able to slay the fire dwarf like creatures, and I was able to banish the bronze golem, and aid my rescuers.

When the mage disappeared, and the golem and rest of the foes gone, the ranger of the group a drow, wished to go after it. I myself after taking a beating wished nothing more than to retrieve my shield as my own spirit guardians had disappeared. I had no weapon to fight with on top of that, and it was making me uneasy. I also knew that I had potions to use for the good of myself and the group, as I was running low on the amount of healing spells I could use. Not to mention the Golem would be returning any moment. With the majority of the group in agreement on retrieving my things the ranger went his own way. Unable to let him go alone knowing what the mage/ sorcerer was able to do, I followed him. Luckily after not finding him we were able to convince the ranger to retrieve my items.

Finally reunited with my shield, i … well I actually hugged it. Dont get me wrong, it is an inanimate object but it represented my freedom from this hell hole, and confound it I wanted to bash heads in. … Mavros forgive me.

Upon returning to where the others waited the golem had reappeared. I knowing full well, and based on the previous battle, would need the assistance of Mavros to keep the adventurers alive. I summoned my guardian of Faith and readied my self for what may come. Which in hindsight is rather funny, as taking fire breath to the face rendered me unconscious. I awoke to find their wizard giving me one of my health potions. I was able to get up and heal the dragon born a bit. Unfortunalty, and may Mavros forgive me, i did not see that the ranger was unconscious behind me, but the wizard did. Taking another of my healing potions we were able to revive him. Then i summoned the grace that Mavros bestows, and healed the dragon born, as well as the Ranger, of their wounds.

I am not sure if it was luck, for the next blow from the golem sent the dragon born to the ground, unconscious. As the other adventurers bravely fought on, i ran to the fallen hero, and cast a healing spell on him, praying to Mavros to bring him back to waking. Luckily Dwin, i believe him to be called, slew the golem and we were in no more danger from it. We did learn from the remaining very injured, dwarf like creature that they were hired to make devices of metal for their boss, and they have more just like the golem we faced.

Yet, I believe Mavros was trying to show me , not everything ends nicely, as the wretched oger appeared before us. He offered no more battles for their surrender, and he complemented me on what a good slave i would have been. Yes he actually complimented me! To which I informed him how wrong he was, and where to shove his inflated ego. I am by no means, a prize, peace offering, or slave you over bearing, son of a pig nerfherder! …

Ahem, so as I may have a slight grudge at this point, and know that the adventurers will need as much healing as they can get. I decide to join them. However, I must not become to comfortable with them, as I am pursued and labeled a heretic. If they should find out, will they still wish for me to be apart of their little band? Can they aid me in clearing my name?

Time will tell, I suppose….



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