New Frontiers

zol perspective 9

ok so the bad guy sent out a hostage and baited our hook into combat… we fight some fire dwarves known as azures and their golem then i was given a ruby gemstone that in the future can be used to negotiate with these azure creatures… turns out they are quite reasonable

we discover this hostage is a cleric… is that lucky or what? almost as if the gods are looking out for us… praise them… seems like this cleric has a bone to pick with her former captors.

so we continue exploring the castle and find a tied up fire elemental creature that turned out to aid us by killing the last of some undead dog things that attacked us… they have a really nasty bite it seems. this elemental seems be a child of something as we had a dream earlier and it seemed thankful to be free

we continue on and then we find more of those azure things at work… we tell them to leave and they oblige. next we find a chamber guarded by another death knight thingy… must be something important, eli tries a powerful spell but its quickly dispelled as the rest of us try to survive the death knights fire attack… thanks mr ring of fire protection most of us are still fine but the cleric goes down… eli uses a banishment spell to get the death knight out of the way while we deal with his underlings then we find out what he was guarding… some statue with a trapped spirit that keeps the lava at bay.

just then we eli and myself feel like some ritual has been completed but we still have to deal with the death knight and destroy a castle…. we situate ourselves so that we can surround the death knight and eli’s banishment spell runs out… battle ensues with us the victor but we are now worn down so we do a short rest…

we then look for the source of this ritual ready for any danger, hoping we will prevail any trap we walk into and we find a teleportation circle that is quickly fading away… do we go in? of course we do…. but eli and our tank go back to the statue to destroy it and with it the castle then dimension door back to us to face with us what is ahead



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