Zollenk Lecroslae

human necromancer


sickly frame, coal black hair, pale young looking skin with the look of great ambition in his eyes


the youngest born out of 5 to poor serf parents and destined to live a life of toil and hard labor by working and tilling fields for his lord…. The young Zol would often spend his nights dreaming of ways to escape his poverty, undernourishment and fearing both his father and the neighbor boys… his father most nights came in so drunk and cruel he would often take the food literally out of young Zols mouth then beat him and his mother until his father finally passed out from his inebriated state and the neighbor boys whom would do things like shave his head, and hold him down while putting hot ashes all over his body

Because Zol is the victim of merciless bullying by his peers and suffers constant threats of abuse, Zol has gained some interest like running away for days at a time and some morbid interests, which include capture torture of insects and small animals for food but also to see how long they live under certain circumstances and Zol imagines that the gods do the same to us.

One day while he was out on his own, he befriends Elana, a child of about the same age, who just moved in close by. Elana lives with an older man named Davon, a former priest who was caught molesting children but he escaped punishment for these crimes and has since become a vagrant looking for odd jobs. Elana later reveals herself to be a several centuries old vampire who was turned as a child and therefore stuck forever in a young body but has the mind of an ageless vampire, sharp instinctive, cunning. Zol and Elana develop a close relationship (although it was more Elana testing and shaping the impressionable young mind of Zol she was more interested in). their relationship gradually becomes closer, and they reveal more of themselves and in particular fragments of Elana human life. Among the details revealed Elana was turned into a vampire over 800 years ago. Davon serves Elana, whom he loves, by procuring blood from the living through a series of murders of other vagrants.

Davon’s last attempt to get blood fails and he is caught. Just before capture, however, he intentionally disfigures himself with acid so that the constables will not be able to trace Elana through him. When Elana finds him recovering from the burns in a church hospital, Davon offers his blood and is drunk dry while sitting on the window ledge, but a priest interrupts them and Elana fails to kill Davon. So that he will not end up becoming a vampire also, Davon throws himself out of a window to the ground below. Despite this, he soon reanimates as a vampire driven now only by a desire for blood but Davon later realizes this is purely a curse and deliberately exposes himself to daylight.

Zol eventually fights back and injures his main tormentor, Kyle, for which the boy’s older brother Fletcher hunts down and attempts to hurt Zol in retaliation. Zol further incurs their wrath when he sets fire to their home. They corner Zol at night and try to hang him from a tree but, Elana rescues Zol by uttering some enchantments as an electrical bolt flies from her fingertips and the two brothers flesh melted away, together Elana and Zol flee the area with Elana instructing Zol in the ancient arts of necromatic magics and in exchange Zol would be the one killing vagrants for Elana’s constant blood lust….

Zol who has been recently haunted by constant visions and nightmares of his murder victims has decided to leave Elana and sets off on his own. so without saying a word to her, he leaves in the middle of the day and looks for another path.

Zollenk Lecroslae

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